Company Profile

Easy, delicious, pure Greek cuisine!

Vóras Flavors was established in 2014 and it is a family business. We are utilizing both the pure raw materials produced by the family itself, grown  in  its  own fields  in  the  land  of  Macedonia  and  the  local traditional recipes passed on by previous generations.

The objective is to combine traditional elements with contemporary ones and offer new flavors with a scent of Greece!

Our products are:

  1. Mediterranean yummy spreads : Red pepper sauce which comes in six different flavors: mild, spicy, with olives, with capers, with anchovies, and with garlic & basil.
  2. Mediterranean yummy syrups : Alcohol free syrups: Elderflower (sambucus) / Melissa  / Peppermint / Lavender
  3. Handmade marmalades , no sugar added (flavors: strawberry, cherry, apricot, peach, plum)
  4. Handmade peach compote, no sugar added
  5. Handmade tomato sauce

All of our varieties are handmade and produced under  traditional methods, with no preservatives, so as to achieve the best results concerning their quality and taste.

The Voras Flavors company maintains a constant and successful collaboration with the American Farm School of Thessaloniki both in the personnel’s training and in the quality control and new product development.

Why Us

In order to achieve this, we exclusively cooperate  with small producers who grow special aromatic herbs and spices, different in terms of quality and taste.

The consumer is informed about the place of origin of each product, its variety and the effect of geographical and local factors on the cultivation of the specific species.

The whole production process (cultivation, processing, storage) is certified as organic. The fumigation is performed with the ecological method of  modified atmosphere.

Certifications and Awards

  • 1st award for packaging & design of mediterranean yummy spreads on 26th Detrop & 6th Oenos 2017



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