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Our pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil “THESEUS” is produced by the olive trees located in Troezen (Trizina), motherland of the homonymous (with the brand name of the company) King of Ancient Greek Mythology. The fertile land of Theseus, in combination with the suitable climate of the area, is cultivated since 1922 until today with the same vigor, passion and dedication by the Katsigkras’ Family.

The idea for Theseus EVOO products started growing three years ago, when our founder Thanos Katsigkras was still a student. Business body, however, took shape shortly before the pandemic. As a start-up business, we could say that we grew up inside the financial crisis caused by COVID-19.
From the very first days of our business, with stability in our steps, absolute honesty to our customers for the products we offer to them and the 100% pure Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil that we produce from the land of Theseus, we proceed to achieve our goals. The unique mythical, ancient and modern history of Troezen, the important supplies Thanos grabbed by the University of Agricultural Sciences and the experience he gained by his family’s members through years of knowledge in the cultivation of olive trees, in combination with the pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil produced by our estates, were the reason to incarnate the idea in the bottle.

Why Us

ISO 22000
Our business fully complies with all the specifications of ISO 22000, which is an international standard that defines the requirements of a Food Safety Management System. It ensures that food is safe at the time of human consumption, combining the principles of HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point). Our goal is to provide high quality products, through research and innovation.

Our business fully complies with all the specifications of Organic Farming and the techniques used for it, certified by special agency, so that we are sure we provide you only the best quality, without chemical impurities.

Theseus was marked as the greatest Mythical Hero of Athens. He was endowed with power, bravery and great intelligence, which had always been put at the service of people, fact that meant freedom for the Athenians. He was a civilization hero who rebuilt cities, made laws, instituted sacred sporting games and organized the first social system. He was always protecting his friend’s health. Heroism is, knowing how to identify and separate friends from enemies.
His fluid heritage, THESEUS EVOO, is here to follow the same path and provide people globally all of his pure and unique characteristics.

Our advantage of becoming chameleons in the global market is unique!
Glass bottles and tin cans of vary capacities, necessary changes on etiquettes, more certifications needed etc are some examples of what we are capable of.
Contacting the companies interested in our products, we discuss their needs, their country’s possible special requirements, their so far problems and we solve each one of them so everyone leaves with a smile.

“MYTHICAL” Cocktail by Bartender Angel Demagos
Pure Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Theseus”, premium distilled Greek MDry Mastiha of Chios, handmade Limoncello from lemons straight out of the famous Lemonodasos of Poros Island, the sense of Basil freshness and the sparkle of Ginger, marry and challenge you to try this mythical combination!

A unique explosion of flavors across your oral spectrum will convince you at the first taste!

Check it on our YouTube Channel here:

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