Company Profile

Petits Grecs is a Greek company based in Thessaloniki, Greece’s second biggest town, since 2015.

Petits Grecs is a premium brand with confectionary and sweet but also savory bakery products. All our products are produced according to EU regulations.

At the moment we are exporting to Europe, e.g. UK, France and Germany, to the U.S, Russia, China and to Philippines among others.

We are also in collaboration with high-end 5-star hotels and resorts throughout Greece. In January 2021, we proudly launched our e-shop where you can find all our products.

Why Us

Petits Grecs is a brand with a vision, a concept and a solid strategy. The vision that brought Petits Grecs to life was to introduce the traditional Greek pastry-making to the world at large.

Inspired by age-old recipes and with the help of renown Greek chefs and pastry chefs, we have travelled throughout Greece, became acquainted with the customs and the various local cuisines, and have come up with our own, original recipes, which best represent their place of origin.

Petits Grecs is very proud of its ingredients, as they are all natural and very carefully selected, so as to offer representative clean label products of the avant garde Greek savory and pastry making art.

We offer a variety of Greek sweet and savory treats reflecting traditional Greek hospitality with a touch of today’s influence using the most nutritious ingredients.

Certifications and Awards

  • SIAL, GOURMET SELECTION – Best of 2017



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