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PARFAIT was founded in March 1981 in Serres, north Greece. The company engages in the manufacture, retail, and wholesale of traditional confections, gourmet delights, and chocolate products. Its production unit, in the city of Serres, is equipped with high technology machinery, and certified according to ISO 22000: 2018 and FSSC 22000. This plant produces exclusively the PARFAIT top quality products.

The wholesale section of the company cooperates with retail chain stores, HO.RE.CA., tourism, M.I.CE., and catering businesses all over Greece. Since 1991, PARFAIT has been distributing its products at the airports, the ports and the frontier stations as a recognized supplier of Hellenic Duty Free Shops S.A..

The strict manufacturing requirements and the distinct identity of  PARFAIT products have been acknowledged with six awards and two distinctions in one year: the first award for innovation in the International Detrop & Oenos Report 2017 in the category “Traditional Products”, four awards for quality in the Olymp Awards 2017 in the “Quality Products” category, Βronze Αward at the Specialist Awards 2021 in the snack category, two distinctions for the packaging of the TWEE and the first award in 2019 for the packaging of the ΚNACK  in the Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards (EVGE) and in ERMIS AWARDS, the only prizes rewarding creativity in communication & advertising in Greece.

Fresh ideas, but also genuine classics, inspired and guided by the Greek tradition, compose and enrich the PARFAIT product range comprising nine outstanding series in newly designed packaging:

  • RIDDLE. Milk chocolate coated snack bars with wafer and peanut butter or peanut butter and bitter chocolate. Two unexpected flavors with crispy wafer filled with rich creams of peanut butter and bitter chocolate!
  • TWEE. Delicious and low-calorie chocolate coated bar-shaped creation with lovely butter cookies and a brilliant chewy filling of jellied and dried fruits pieces. A truly original idea in three unique flavors: white chocolate with blueberry, chocolate milk with strawberry and black chocolate with orange!
  • KNACK. Crisp wafer balls rolled in dark chocolate or milk chocolate, and filled with velvet cream made of hazelnut praline cream.
  • CHOCO DELIGHTS. Original Akanés Serron, an exclusive Greek delight, made with dairy butter and roasted coarsely chopped almonds, and dipped in premium dark or milk chocolate.
  • EVARESTON exceptional. A treasured and exceptional gourmet delight collection of traditional Greek loukoumi with classic tastes and flavours: vanilla, mastic, rose, summer fruits, a combo.
  • EVARESTON golden. A gourmet collection of traditional loukoumi with special flavours: sesame, almond, honey & walnuts, coconut, Akanés Serron.
  • MYTHICAL COLLECTION. An extremely unique and special collection of traditional loukoumi with dried fruits: raisin, blueberry, orange, strawberry. Stimulating for the appetite, not too sweet for the palate, always chewy, comforting and fun. Lovely with coffee, or tea; ideal for buffet style reception and parties – consistent with everything that makes a good Greek delight stand among the rest!
  • EVARESTON Greek cookies. Kourabie and Melomakarona of tradition, of special occasions, of everyday coffee, of Greece! Seductive Greek butter cookies with picked almonds, silky icing sugar and vanilla aroma. Their secret lies in simplicity and high quality dairy butter. Hence, they crumble and melt in the mouth.
  • EVARESTON rolls. Handmade kataif and baklava with crispy golden brown dough sheet, luscious honey syrup, exquisite nuts, and superb aromas of cinnamon and clove.

The guaranteed quality of PARFAIT products brings new collaborations and enhances the company’s strategic aim to expand its presence in more sales outlets in Greece and abroad.

Why Us

Our company is a state-of-art production unit and has been located in 3rd km NR Serres-Drama in northern Greece since 1981. One of its activities, for over 35 years, is the supply of Duty Free Shops all over Greece (airports, harbours and border stations) with traditional products (loukoumi, kourabies etc.) that have been awarded with four awards for quality in the Olymp Awards in the “Quality Products” category,1rst award for innovation in International Detrop, Bronze Award at Specialist Awards 2021 in snack category for Riddle, two distinctions for the packaging and the first award in 2019 for the packaging in the Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards (EVGE) and in ERMIS AWARDS, the only prizes rewarding creativity in communication & advertising in Greece.

You could see more details in our site

As for our new snacks peanut butter wafers “Riddle”:

The first presentation took place at the ISM in Cologne in February 2020 and we have since been exporting to Russia, Bahrain, UK, Malta, Spain, Cyprus with high sales and we already have recurring orders during the coronavirus period. These days we are waiting for news from a big S/M chain in the US.

“Riddle” wafers of Parfait are very special snacks made with peanut butter containing 95% peanuts inside and not with hazelnut cream or something like that, that the markets are already selling!! Peanut butter is a very extraordinary super food and has nothing to do with hazelnuts cream!! There is nothing to compare Riddle wafers with other wafers in the markets!! You can offer your customers an extremely, trendy, new, special, delicious, and handmade snack. Riddle is a unique superfood snack!

In two versions wafer peanut butter or wafer peanut butter combined with bitter chocolate cream coated both with milk chocolate!

Additionally, see what the American influencer Antony Gant wrote for ‘Riddle’ in the following link:

You may can also find us to social media:

FB: Riddle by parfait

IG: riddlewafer

Concluding, I attach their promo video from their production, photos and the presentation

We strongly believe in them!! …and the truth is that everyone loves them when they try them!!!!

Complementary, I would also like to mention that we will be ready with two new peanut butter wafers – stick & tarts- in the middle of 2021.

Finally, we would like to assure you that our company has all the necessary documents and the certifications for the export that also ensures the quality of our products in accordance with the international standards as we are certified according to ISO 22000: 2018 and FSSC 22000.

The guaranteed quality of PARFAIT products brings new collaborations and enhances the company’s strategic aim to expand its presence in more sales outlets in Greece and abroad.

Certifications and Awards

    Foods and Drinks Contest “OLYMP AWARDS 2017”

    Mythical Collection Dessert with Dried Fruits Raisins, GOLD

    KourabiesTraditional Sugared Bun, SILVER

    Choco Delights Chocolate Coated Akanes, SILVER 

    Mythical Collection Dessert with Dried Fruits Blueberry, BRONZE.

    DETROP & OENOS 2017                                                            
    1rst award, Mythical Collection With Dried Blueberries, “Innovation in traditional Products”

    Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards EVGE 2019

    1rst Award, ΚNACK

    Greek Graphic Design & Illustration Awards EVGE 2017

    Distinction, TWEE

    SPECIALIST AWARD 2021          

    Riddle Peanut Butter Wafer, BRONZE



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