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Our company cultivates organic aromatic and medicinal plants in the region of Olympus Mountain. Aromatic and medicinal plants are produced following mild operations such as natural drying, standardization and packaging. We offer herb products ready for use both as beverages and in the kitchen as seasoning. With respect to tradition and our cultural heritage we developed three product categories, Greek Herbal Teas, Greek spices and Natural cosmetics based on aromatic plants. Our vision is to highlight the superior quality of the products and make them accessible to everyone.

We grow organic herbs and aromatic plants in hilly and mountainous areas of Olympus mountain and our fields are located at altitudes ranging from 700m to 1400m above sea level. The microclimate of the area and the implemented cultivation techniques result to the achievement of high quality produce. Our main crop is the famous Olympus mountain tea (Sideritis scardica). Our collection consists of more than 30 different types of aromatic and medicinal plants. All cultivated fields are inspected and certified according to Regulations EC No 834/2007 and EC No 889/2008 regarding organic products. Our company has implemented and has been certified for Food Hygiene and Safety according to standard ISO 22000:2005. Our cosmetics series (shampoo, foam bath and six different types of soap bars) are based on mountain tea and contains no SLS & SLES, while they will soon be certified organic.

All products are artisanal with respect to cultural heritage, environmental performance and local society.

Why Us

We are a family business that has started operations inspired by love for the medicinal and aromatic plants. We have experimented for years in order to achieve those levels of quality we desired for our products and afterwards we started trading them. Our facilities are state of art managing to handle products with accuracy implementing strict protocols regarding products quality and food hygiene and safety.

We have satisfied customers in the USA, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Belgium, KSA, Singapore etc.

All operations are certified against ISO22000 regarding food hygiene and safety while all products are certified organic according to the EU Regulations 834:2007 and 889:2008.

Extra care has been taken for the appearance of our products having invested in well-designed packaging materials creating a range of packaging covering our client’s needs. In this contexts we have mainstream packaging for groceries, supermarkets and retailers while we also have luxurious gifts proposals that are preferred for years now as corporate gifts by many distinguished clients, making their gifts memorable.

We supply directly retailers and importers building robust collaborations. We also can create custom solutions for special needs of customers such as hotels placing their logo in the products giving them a personal touch

Certifications and Awards

  • ISO22000:2005
    Food hygiene and safety certification
  • Organic
    Organic products certification against EU Reg. 834/2007 & 889/2008
  • Great Taste 2020
    1 star for products Purity, Serenity and Vitality
  • Great Taste 2018
    1 star for products Purity, Serenity and Vitality
  • Great Taste 2017
    1 star for products Purity and Serenity



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