Company Profile

MILBA ButterFactory supplies the Greek market with high quality milk butter products, made in a traditional way and with a lot of ‘’meraki’’.

Maintaining high quality standards from the careful selection of raw materials until the final delivery of its products to the customer, MILBA steadily improves its customer base and customer loyalty in the Greek market, gaining an increasing share in the preferences of Greek consumers.

Greek producers from every corner of the Greek territory are the suppliers of the raw material MILBA selects.

That fact gives our company the main advantage of being a pioneer in delicious types of milk butter, suitable for every use: confectionery, cooking, home.

The continuous enrichment of the company’s codes constantly strengthens its loyalty and the growing preference of its products in the field of professionals, but also retail.

MILBA chooses to enhance the added value of the Greek identity of its products, giving special emphasis to the traditional way of their production.

Why Us

Having tasted our products abroad, our conclusions are encouraging, showing that there is a big interest in Greek original butter products outside the Greek borders.

We would like to check it together in London market.

Certifications and Awards

  • ELOT EN ISO 22000:2005
    Authentic Taste of Greece, Certificate of Excellence, Gold Award 2020/ Greek Taste Beyond Borders

    Authentic Taste of Greece, Certificate of Excellence, Gold Award 2021/ Greek Taste Beyond Borders

    Diploma, Authentic Taste of Greece, Certificate 2021/ Greek Taste Beyond Borders



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