Company Profile

The history of Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets dates back in 2005. Inspired by the fruit of kumquat, Mr. Konstantinos Lazaris and his team continue the gastronomic tradition of the island with passion. Following the local recipe, we produce the famous drink of Corfu, kumquat liqueur, which is certified with Protected Geographical Indication and the famous Italian liqueur. In the facilities of our distillery is produced and bottled exclusively in Corfu, our Ouzo. The process of production is traditionally done by double distillation in bronze alembic.

Simultaneously, reviving flavours and aromas of the past, we make handmade, delightful Corfiot sweets.

Our products may be an integral part of our daily diet and pleasure, but also the raw material for wonderful and delicious creations in cooking, confectionery and bartending. Our aim is to introduce the modern global traveler to the flavours of another era.

Lazaris products are handmade, made in small quantities and are characterized by the Corfiot tradition and finesse. In our distillery and confectionery workshops, our experienced crafters follow the Ionian recipes; additionally they are pioneering and experimenting with new, tasteful combinations. Lazaris products are made from pure raw materials with no chemical preservatives and – as our artisan sweets don’t contain fat – are ideal for all hours and all ages. Their packaging stands out for their modern design and contemporary aesthetics.

Lazaris Distillery & Artisan Sweets is certified with the international food safety management standard ISO 22000.

Why Us

Our company was founded in 2005 by Konstantinos Lazaris. Inspired by the fruit of the kumquat, he began his work based on traditional recipes and having quality in high standard.

His new and fresh vision combined with modern production methods and respect for traditional tastes of our childhood gave new push to the company.

For us, Corfiot products are not just a souvenir with outdated aesthetics. For us, it is a product that can be an integral part of our daily diet and enjoyment, used as a base ingredient for wonderful combinations and flavours. By using our brand name, we believe that our products are unique and capable of “standing” in the modern, demanding market of both Greece and abroad.

Certifications and Awards

  • Crema di Limoncello Liqueur
    Bronze Award at Best AFFA Wine, Spirits and Drinks 2021 – Best Drink
  • Lazaris Kumquat Liqueur
    2 stars quality at tasting competition AFFA21
  • Lazaris Spoon Sweet Kumquat
    1 star quality at tasting competition AFFA21
  • Limoncello Liqueur
    First Taste Award at Alcohol/Drink/Wine/SoftDrinks category in Expotrof Exhibition 2020 in Athens
  • Limoncello Liqueur
    GOLD Award at “Packaging” Category in Expotrof Exhibition 2020 in Athens
  • Limoncello Liqueur
    2 stars award in tasting contest in the process of blind tasting competition by committee experts in Expotrof Exhibition 2020 in Athens
  • Nougat (Mandolato) Chocolate/Strawberry
    Gold Public Award at “Delicatessen” Category in 3rd Gourmet Exhibition 2019 in Thessaloniki



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