Company Profile

Gerousis coffee company is a family run business established in 1964 and since then operates actively in coffee market area. Specializes in roasting Greek coffee and a variety of coffees for brewing.
In 2000 the younger members of the family, the 3rd generation, took over the company and expanded the portfolio mainly in HORECA sector. The passion for a good cup of coffee that George and Peter had, made them travel to producing countries to learn everything about coffee from the farm to the cup.
The last decade due to increasing demand on speciality coffees the company launched a new brand name “Semprevivo” and roasts espresso coffees and all kind of organic coffees as well. The factory is in the industrial zone of Thessaloniki and the sales network expands in the north part of Greece.
Customers of the company are super and hyper markets, distributors, delicatessen shops, organic products shops, hotels, cafes. The company produces private label coffees for some well-known companies in Greece and supplies the Greek Army. Also exports organic coffees to Romania and Russia.
The last years the company invests in new equipment and particularly in a new roaster. This roaster is technologically advanced, and the major advantage is that the roasting procedure is automated. That means that the end products are homogenous.
The company is certified with ISO 22000 and is a certified organic producer.

Why Us

The previous years coffee was a craft that was taught from father to son. The coffee blend was the best kept secret of the family. George and Peter learned the craft and tried to apply the modern and advanced methods of today’s needs.

We combine the deep knowledge of the traditional coffee roasting with the nowadays demands.

We are members of Speciality Coffee Association and we adjust the operation of our company according to their norms.

After all these years we established long term relationships with the major green coffee importers in Europe and we can find the best coffee varieties at the best available prices.

We are seeking coffees from small producers or cooperatives to help them grow the wealth of their communities like the Yanesha tribe from Peru and Kankuamos people from Colombia.

Certifications and Awards

  • ISO 22000
    Gourmet Exhibition 2021 Specialist Awards
  • Best Innovative Product 2016
    Detrop Boutique International Expo



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