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ΗELIOS Pasta Industry, a Greek family owned company – established in 1932 – produces a wide range of high quality pasta made from 100% durum wheat semolina.

Besides the basic line of products (Spaghetti, Orzo, various shapes of short and long Pasta, CousCous, etc) HELIOS is the only pasta industry in Greece that produces also innovative special pasta such as Espressi (quick-cooking) pasta and nest shaped pasta.

First introduced in 1990, the patented Spaghetti and Penne Rigate espressi, the innovative delicious and energy saving quick-cooking pasta, being ready in just 1.5 minutes (Spaghetti) and 4 minutes (Penne Rigate), they offer a nutritious, healthy and delicious alternative to ‘fast food’.

Moreover, HELIOS Pasta Industry, is the first pasta industry internationally and the first Greek brand, whose selected products qualified for the Clean Label Project™ Purity Award for their purity from chemicals including heavy metals, pesticide residues and chemical plasticizers by the Clean Label Project™ organization.

In specific, Spaghetti espessi and Linguine are the two products that have been recently qualified for the Purity Award.

HELIOS Orzo Medium and HELIOS Linguine have also been awarded with two stars by ITI “Superior Taste” Awards.


HELIOS Pasta Industry has innovation in its DNA, demonstrating from very early its excellence over other companies in the industry. It was the first company to present wholewheat pasta in the Greek market back in 1984, a category completely unknown at that time, which today is among the fastest growing, with many loyal fans.

In 1990 it created spaghetti espressi, the innovative delicious quick-cooking pasta that is ready in less than 2 minutes!

HELIOS Pasta Industry focuses on the high quality of the raw materials, the famous and loved taste and the wide variety of shapes and categories.

As a result, we offer 20 different product series and more than 80 different shapes of pasta products, made out of 100% durum wheat or other grains’ semolina.

Our Product Categories are:

  • Regular wheat of 100% durum wheat semolina pasta
  • Espressi Pasta (quick cooking)
  • Whole Wheat Pasta
  • Combo Pasta
  • Organic Pasta
  • Organic Whole Wheat Pasta
  • Organic pasta from Emmer-Farro dicocco wheat
  • Organic pasta from Emmer-Farro dicocco whole wheat
  • Gluten Free Pasta, Wheat-free pasta
  • Vegetable Pasta
  • Pasta from vegetables and legumes
  • Pasta for Kids
  • Concept Pasta
  • Pasta with Eggs and/or Milk
  • Nest Shaped Special Pasta
  • Special Pasta
  • Mediterranean Flavors (Cyprus Macaroni, Couscous)
  • Stuffed pasta (tortellini – tortelloni) conventional and gluten-free
  • Food Service Pasta
  • Food Service Organic & Organic Whole Wheat Pasta
  • Semolina
  • Organic Gluten Free CousCous
  • Flour from most kind of cereals

Why Us

 Wide range of products

We produce and trade innovative “special” pasta each one being targeted to distinctive age groups with unique nutritional needs.


  • Espressi (quick-cooking) pasta ready in less than 2’ for Spaghetti and 4’ for Penne,
  • Nest shaped pasta,
  • Organic Pasta and Whole Wheat organic Pasta,
  • Vegetable pasta with tomato and spinach,
  • Whole wheat pasta,
  • A tasty Gluten Free Pasta range, and
  • Authentic Couscous and 3 organic, gluten free variants from legumes and cereals

Recently, we launched organic, vegetable and legumes pasta, recognizing the trend for healthy, yet, delicious pasta alternatives and we presented the market with 3 delicious, organic, gluten free CousCous variants from legumes and cereals.

In addition, we have developed kid-do pasta, an amazing children pasta range designed for fun and educational purposes, offering to children and their parents a unique learning experience while enjoying a nutritious delicious meal.

Kid-do pasta is being enriched with two whole wheat products, the first ever in the Greek market.   Also, HELIOS has developed 2 unique products, under the Kid-do range, namely the Greek alphabet pasta, as well as Hercules and his 12 quests (the Greek mythological hero) with 13 extraordinary specially designed shapes.

Our range of Emmer-Farro Dicocco wheat pasta was launched in the market in 2019 and recently awarded at the Healthy Diet Awards ceremony, as product of the year in Vegan category.

Award winning products

Thanks to HELIOS pasta remarkable taste and commitment to unrivaled quality, the company has been awarded with:

  • The Superior Taste Award for 27 times from ITI (International Taste Institute),
  • 9 Design & Packaging prizes
  • Free from Food Awards for the Tagliatelle gluten free pasta
  • 7 Healthy Diet awards in 2020 and 2021

Community and social causes

HELIOS Pasta Industry, as a founding member of the “ELLA-DIKA mas”  Initiative, demonstrates its believing in the potential of Greek entrepreneurship, promoting the goodwill and decisive contribution of Greek products to the difficult task of the reconstruction of the Greek economy.

HELIOS Pasta Industry is a proud supporter of the Greece Race for the Cure, the world’s biggest sporting event for women’s health, supports society with donations to NGOs, municipalities and the Greek orthodox church offering a large quantity of pasta annually for those in need.

During the recent global health crisis, HELIOS has been offering assistance to numerous organisations such as “The smile of the child”, the Greek Red Cross, Charitable Association “Friends of the Child” and the Social Organization Love.

Last but not least, we supported the Loukoumi foundation with significant amounts of money in 2020 and product donations in 2021.  The Loukoumi Make a Difference Foundation envisions a future in which all children have the opportunity to make a difference in their lives and the lives of others.

“Green” practices

HELIOS Pasta industry becomes greener every year! In 2021, we will turn our corporate car fleet into hybrid, electric, green cars, and we are in the process of putting into place a solar netmetering park.

We educate consumers in using energy saving meal preparation process, by promoting Espressi spaghetti and penne with less than 1.5 and 4 min cooking time respectively, as well as Couscous which is instant made.

In addition, more than 90% of our printed material, are printed in FsC paper using ecological water inks, in a conscious effort to act in a more environmental friendly way.

Certifications and Awards


    approved, ISO 22000:2018, ISO 9001:2015IFS V6.1, ORGANIC certified by DIO (EU 834/2007 Standard), Meets the standards for Whole Wheat & Organic Whole Wheat range, licensed to use the WHOLE GRAIN STAMP as 100% whole wheat, KOSHER certified, HALAL certified, Certified with NON GMO, as HELIOS is not using genetically modified raw materials for its products, HELIOS Gluten free range is registered in Greece to the National Organization of Medicines, is Coeliac UK registered and licensed to use the Crossed Grain symbol.

    Emmer-Farro Dicocco wheat – licensed to use the trademark of the US Whole Grains Council, Clean Label project – selected HELIOS products qualified with the Purity award


    International Taste Institution Awards ( 
    Orzo medium (2* in 2019), Linguine (2* in 2020), Authentic couscous (2* in 2020), Tagliatelle with spinach (1* in 2014), Roumeliotiko Egg Milk Noodles (2* in 2013), Combo Pennete Rigate (1* in 2015), Trahanas – sour frumenty with milk (2* in 2019), Hercules (1* in 2020), Whole Wheat Elbow Rigate (2* in 2012), Whole wheat spaghetti 6 (2* in 2019), Organic Spaghetti 6 (2* in 2012), Organic Orzo (3* in 2013 and 2* in 2014), Organic Spaghetti Espressi (2* in 2017), Organic cut macaroni (1* in 2019), Organic tagliatelle (2* in 2020), Organic Emmer-Farro Dicocco whole wheat penne rigate (2* in 2020), Organic Emmer-Farro Dicocco spaghetti 6 (1* in 2020), Gluten Free Penne Rigate (2* in 2017), Gluten free spaghetti 6 (2* in 2019), Gluten free orzo (1* in 2020), Gluten free tagliatelle (1* in 2020), Vegetable Orzo (2* in 2011, 1* in 2015 and 2* in 2017), Vegetable twist (1* in 2020), Vegetable penette rigate (1* in 2014).

  • Healthy Diet Awards (Greece, 2020): 
    Organic Emmer-Farro Dicocco pasta: Gold award in the category “Healthy Food Product of the Year – Vegan Products”, Whole wheat organic spaghetti 6: Silver award in the category “Organic Food Product of the Year – Organic Food Products”, Organic Emmer-Farro Dicocco whole wheat pasta: Bronze award in the category “Healthy Food Product of the Year – Vegan Products”

    Healthy Diet Awards (Greece, 2021): Organic spaghetti espressi: Platinum/Gold award in the category “Best Organic Product – Organic Food Products”, Series of Organic couscous: Silver award in the category “Best Healthy Food Product of the Year – Free from or Low Food Products”, Series of Organic couscous: Silver award in the category “Best Plant Based Product – Plant Based Food Products”, Whole wheat little animals: Bronze award in the category “Best Healthy Food & Beverage Product for Children – Healthy Food Products for Children”.

  • Free From Foods Awards (Germany, 2019):
    Tagliatelle “Best Product” nomination

    Packaging Innovation Awards: Gift box: Gold award in 2017, in category “Gifts”, Gluten-Free Tagliatelle: Bronze award in 2017, in category “Packaging of new products launched in the Greek market”, Artesian pasta straws: Gold award, in 2019, in category “Packaging of products launched in a new international market”, Organic Emmer-Farro Dicocco pasta: Silver award in 2019, in category “Food”, Little Dinosaurs: Bronze award, in 2019, in category “Food”, Hercules: Bronze award, in 2020, in category “Packaging of new products launched in the Greek market”, Rachette kids: Silver award, in 2020, in category “Packaging of new products launched in the Greek market”, CousCous Bio: Silver award, in 2020, in category “Packaging of products launched in a new International Market”, Artesian pasta straws: Gold award, in 2020, in category “Innovation in Cartonboard Packaging”




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