Company Profile

Over our years in business, we have been developing everyone’s favorite pita bread for souvlaki into an authentic taste experience.

From 1952, in Grandad George Kaloidas’ original workshop, right up to the ELVIART KALOIDAS S.A. industrial unit in Aspropyrgos today, we have always invested great care and attention in every pita bread we make.

This is how we achieved our dynamic presence in the industry and a more than 55% share in the Greek market. Since 1982, we have steadily expanded our activities abroad and we supply dozens of countries with Greek pita bread.

With expertise as our inheritance, our consistently high quality products as our allies and our wish to provide you with delicacies as our motivation, we do not see producing pita breads as merely following a recipe, but rather as creating quality food every day.

We are certified by the relevant bodies for the Food Safety Management System in accordance with ISO 22000: 2005, ISO 22000:2018, IFS and HALAL, which are based on the HACCP principles. These certified systems are applied by our scientific staff, with rigorous checks being undertaken on all production lines to ensure full hygiene, safety and quality for our products.

So, with the help of our staff, we achieve our aim every day … our aim to meet your needs!

Our staff are systematically trained in safety and hygiene issues, both to ensure we produce quality products and to ensure they are fully protected.

In addition, we constantly invest in our staff’s knowledge. As part of this, we are always on the lookout for fresh ideas, shapes, flavours and uses for our products. We employ testing and research, so we can develop our products and create innovative new types of pita bread which meet the needs of the wholesale, retail and souvlaki restaurant markets.

Why Us

  • The Softest products

Our soft product is the result of :

  • the strict selection of raw materials,
  • our unique recipe,
  • the close supervision of product’s procedure and
  • the use of up to date equipment.
  •  The Maintenance of freshness

The productive techniques combined with the appropriate flour secure pita’s long lasting freshness even after cooking.

As a result Pitas don’t affect the final taste of each recipe/dish negatively  by being hard and difficult to chew. Instead they remain soft.

  •  The Stability of our products

The stable quality of our products is one of the most important requirements that food service customers demand. The compliance with the ISO and IFS standards ensure the best quality of our products in each level of company’s producing procedure. Strict controls of raw materials and final products, the continuous employees education about health conditions and several preventive measures that we provide by the quality control department, create the ideal conditions under which the same pitas  are being produced every time.

  • The Least Heating / Warming Time

ELVIART pita is already baked and needs only heating. 20-30 seconds from each side so as to be more soft and make the product more tasteful without any sense of “fresh yeast”.

  • The Taste

The neutral taste of the product gives a wide range of cooking choices for every food professional. The Lack of salty taste, sense of flour or burnt oil,  provide to the product its  pure taste unchangeable until its use.

  • Our Premium Pita Bread

Premium pita is an innovative product in the field of Pita Bread the last 2 years.

  • The most Fluffy pita you ever taste
  • Best Pita for delivery, as the product maintain it’s temperature and it’s softness long time after warming
  • Small flexible packaging that prevent pitas’ dehydration.

The great properties of premium product have also assured from the market share that possessed the last 2 years.

  • Value for Money product.
  • High quality of our raw materials,
  • our 65 years of experience in pita’s recipe and production,
  • the disciplinarian rules of personnel,
  • ISO and IFS standards and
  • the most competitive price,

provide to everyone the best value for money!

  • The Product’s structure

The unique softness of the product based on it’s  internal structure and baking procedure, result the easiest mastication even after long time.

 The Behavior of frozen products

Fast freezing (packaging in open case cartons) secures that products after its defrost, maintain the properties of fresh products.

Gaining all the advantages of fresh products, the frozen ones offer plus the flexibility to stock quantities for unexpected demand or to facilitate occasional use of product. What is more important is that frozen pitas needs only a couple of minutes warming up from refrigeration to eating.

We have to emphasize product’s softness after defrosting which has no difference from fresh ones.

 The “Next” day product behavior

All the products, Fresh or Frozen/defrost, maintain more than the 90% of their original characteristics, giving flexibility and confidence to professionals. The final tasting result will not be affected.

Certifications and Awards

  • ISO22000: 2005
  • ISO 22000: 2018
  • IFS



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