Company Profile

Our vineyard and our winery are located in central Greece, near Delphi. We only farm rare ancient Greek grape varieties. The vineyard is located in the mount “Vardousia”, at about 800m above the sea level, in a virgin environment. In order to produce our wine, we follow only traditional methods and we use wooden tanks and local natural materials.

We proudly keep the last vineyard in the world with the grape variety “Kosmas”, which is a rare Ancient Greek grape variety of central Greece.

All of our products are natural and organic. From the very beginning of the wine production and until the final product we avoid any use of chemicals, stabilizers or other additives.

We love nature and our state of mind is to create products with zero environmental impact.

Why Us

As a company we create natural and organic products with a unique method based in local tradition and in the use of only natural materials. Our company farms its own vineyards in a unique and clean natural environment.

Our grape varieties are rare and Ancient Greek grape varieties and we are the only producer in the world to farm and vinify the Ancient Greek grape variety named “Kosmas”.

Our company vinifies grapes only from self-owned vineyards and we control all the production phases from the vineyard farming to the bottling of the wine.

Our vinification method is unique in the world and it uses only natural material and it is being influenced only from the local environmental conditions. We vinify in open wooden tanks and we keep the skins immersed in the must with fir tree branches and stones from the local river.

The fir tree resin in very little quantities preserves our wine and gives it its wonderful aroma (you can watch a short video with our vinification method here). Our products give the consumer the ability of tasting real unprecedented wine flavors without any additives.

Certifications and Awards

  • Certification of Organic Farming from DIO



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