Company Profile

Our story begins in 2018 when the founder of the company, Antonis Daskalakis was trying to find a solution in healthy eating to fight a serious health problem. In the office where he worked, he created Muesli cereals which helped him deal with his health problem and then shared the flavors with relatives and friends.

In 2019 he founded the company “Daskalakis Cereals” sells Muesli cereals in three flavors. In 2020, the growing demand for products creates the need to produce new products in the field of snacks. This creates cereal bars in four flavors, while two protein flavors are soon added. In August 2020, due to a mistake in the production, the series Mini bites are created.

The company changes its name to “Daskalakis Family”, wanting to promote the extended family of its products and at the same time the contribution of the founder’s family, in the evolution of the company.

Today, Daskalakis Family has in its clientele over 120 points of sale, delicatessen grocery stores, supermarkets, espresso bars while at the same time starting its first steps in Europe.

Finally, the company participated with two of its products in the Mediterranean Taste Awards held in London and Berlin, winning a gold prize for the taste of Cocoa Hazelnut and a silver prize for the taste of Cocoa Pistachio.

Why Us

Our mission is to create products of high nutritional value without additives and preservatives, to cover a balanced diet.

Our vision is to bring pleasant memories through our products, using pure materials from the Greek land, as we do in our home.

 In simple words Daskalakis family represents, family, Homemade recipes, no discount on quality for the sake of profit, courage, patience, perseverance, faith, love.

Certifications and Awards

  • Cocoa Hazelnut
    Mediterranean Taste Awards 2021, Gold prize
  • Cocoa Pistachio
    Mediterranean Taste Awards 2021, Silver prize



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