Company Profile

Bee Naturalles is an innovative Greek brand that provides natural/organic edible & skin care solutions, enclosing the beneficial & the healing intelligence of nature & the honey bee.
Our products are a mix of unprocessed natural ingredients, such as organic apiculture (beekeeping) products, plant & herbal extracts, & essential oils produced with truly mild & respectful to nature techniques, designed to improve wellness, prolepsis, quality of life & overall health.
Bee Naturalles. Founded with discipline & passion by Giorgios Athanasiadis and Chara Mangana, in 2013, Euboea Island, Greece.

Why Us

Having finished our studies in natural sciences, environmental physics and art, we decided to leave town and relocate our productivity to Euboea Island with its breathtaking nature and rich biodiversity.
We were enamoured by its enticements and had to discover its secrets.
Our mission is to help people build healthy habits, create a nature‐centered lifestyle and foster a culture of mutual respect and understanding, knowledge and harmony.
Bee Naturalles’ organic apiculture products excel in quality & taste & have been awarded by the Great Taste Awards, having been rated as a 3‐star winner, the highest accolade in Great Taste 2020 for Bee Naturalles ORGANIC WILD HONEY. Bee Naturalles’ organic bee products have been highly honoured as top worldwide organic honeys by Biolmiel (top 3 among the Gold Medal awarded certified organic honeys), Gourmet Exhibition (Specialist Awards Platinum, Golden & Silver Prizes), Le Monde (Greece) & the Museum of Greek Gastronomy.

Certifications and Awards

  • Certified organic producer & distributor by DIO, Inspection and Certification Organization of Organic Products.
  • Anise Honey
    Great Taste Awards 2017: 2 stars
  • Organic Forest Honey
    Great Taste Awards: 1 star
  • Organic Pine Honey
    Great Taste Awards 2017: 1 star
  • Organic Polyflora Bee Pollen
    Great Taste Awards 2018: 2 stars
  • Organic Pine Honey
    Great Taste Awards 2018: 1 star



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