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ANANTI is a company, seated in Thessaloniki. It is active as an export of special and rare culinary herbs and spices, cultivated by small, certified organic producers based in isolated areas of the Greek mountains and islands, featuring the ideal conditions for the cultivation of such species. 

It is common knowledge, between the one who daily prepares food and the most skillful chef, that the addition of even just a few grammars of a quality herb or spice can enhance the taste of any dish. 

Greece is a peninsula bathed by the Aegean, Ionian and Libyan Sea, on all its three sides. Because of its geographical position, soil biodiversity and geomorphology, it is home to a rich flora in endemic and volunteer plants. Aromatic herbs have a prevailing position among them, in mountains and islands, as well as in many other parts of the mainland and have characteristics of high quality. The remoteness of islands and mountains restricts intensive and quantitative farming and contributes to the flourishing of herbs which are considered to be among the best in the world.

Having grown in this place and as devotees of food, together with our small-scale producers, we offer   four of the most qualitative raw materials that the Mediterranean land has to offer. Oregano from Mount Olympus, thyme flower from Epirus land, rosemary from Chios island and bay leaves from Pindos mountains.

Why Us

Aromatic herbs and spices are among the few species widely used in almost all cuisines of the world.   Despite their daily usage, their special varieties are unknown and hard to find on most occasions. Knowledge of their exact place of origin-not just country of origin-  is also rare. At the same time, the packaging process and style are often overlooked. 

Our company offers products of high quality as well as (a) organic certification (b) a fully transparent and certified production process, (b) valid and complete information about the origin of the products purchased, and (c) eco-friendly and stylish packaging. 

In order to achieve this, we exclusively cooperate   with small producers who grow special aromatic herbs and spices, different in terms of quality and taste. The consumer is informed about the place of origin of each product, its variety and the effect of geographical and local factors on the cultivation of the specific species. The whole production process (cultivation, processing, storage) is certified as organic. The fumigation is performed with the ecological method of   modified atmosphere.

Finally, packaging is made based on criteria of top quality: all products are packed in transparent glass jars, so that their quality is instantly visible, while the label is printed directly on the jar with pantone colors, for obvious environmental and aesthetic reasons.

Due to the aforementioned   the products are ideal for gourmet stores, restaurants and hotels. They are also offered in a premium wooden case, perfect as business or welcome gift.

Certifications and Awards

  • Organic (BIOHELLAS)


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